About Me

I'm a journalist & copywriter, currently living and loving in London.

I've written for Vice, Broadly, The Financial Times and The Upcoming. I also help to edit a politics/science blog called The Unapologists.

If my professional writing is what you're looking for, please take a look at my website or find me on Linkedin

If you don't mind taking a little journey into my random personal thoughts then by all means read on.

What is this blog even about?

Good question. I started this blog in 2014 to document my year abroad in Colorado. I was 21 then, and in the intervening years I've finished two degrees, lived in three different places and had a hell of a lot of new experiences, some of which I've shared here.

As is typical for someone who's grown up online, I've used this small space on the internet to try on many different masks and decide who (or what) I'm going to be. Fashion, food, travel, DIY beauty, politics, feminism, literature... you name it I've tried it. It's not because I was being 'fake', on the contrary, I was trying to be true to one version of myself by excluding others. The internet encourages us to put ourselves, and other people, into neat little boxes, and I was simply trying to replicate what I saw. Plus, for every post I've ever published on here there's at least five drafts that have been abandoned out of embarrassment, insecurity or doubt.

So now that I'm exactly halfway through my 20s I've finally decided to call a spade a spade and let this blog be what it really always was, a web journal through my early 20s and beyond - a glorious mess of half-baked personas and unpolished thoughts, published on the internet for everyone (and no one) to read - and I'm going to start by publishing and backdating some of those drafts. Because if I'm going to be leaving a digital footprint throughout my life anyway, it may as well be one which my future self can laugh at.

Oh, and credit to Ella Trimarchi for the background

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