Saturday, September 23, 2017

Banish the Vanish! Zero-waste stain removal

A few weeks ago I had a bit of an accident and put mine and my housemates WHITE laundry through the wash with a pink lip balm. The lip balm melted everywhere and there were waxy pink splashes all over the clothes.

My housemate understandably wasn't too impressed so when she called me from Sainsbury's and said she was going to buy a Vanish stain remover I didn't want to resist even though I knew it would come in plastic and be full of chemicals.

We tried several washes using the Vanish and the stains just didn't want to shift, so when I saw this stain removing laundry soap in Karavan I had to give it a go. It cost £8 which isn't cheap and I'll admit I wasn't too optimistic about how well it would work.

The first thing I tried it on was my housemates (previously pristine) Tommy Hilfiger pants. I wet the stain, rubbed some soap into it and scrubbed fairly vigorously with the brush. It was clear straight away that it was working as the stain got much less visible, and I decided to leave the soap sitting on the fabric for a few hours before putting through the wash. Once they were out, the stains were completely gone - I couldn't believe it, and it doesn't come with any unnecessary packaging or chemicals.

I guess everything happens for a reason, and now Sting in the Tail can add melted pink lip balm to the list of stains that clay soap is effective on and I've learnt always check my jean pockets before putting a wash on.

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