Tuesday, August 29, 2017

plastic free day one: toothbrushing

Have you ever stopped to consider that every toothbrush you've ever owned still exists somewhere? It's a weird thought.

My latest plastic toothbrush was looking a little worse for wear so I decided to activate stage one of my plastic free journey and buy this bamboo toothbrush from Humble Brush.

It cost £4.50 which is about the same as a pint of lager, or 5p a brush if you use it for the recommended three months.

It might not have all the bells and whistles of a plastic toothbrush (who uses the tongue cleaner anyway) but this brush is comfortable to hold and use and I actually prefer it to my plastic one.

Now I just have to use up my supply of Arm & Hammer before I venture into the world of low-waste zero-plastic toothpaste, something I'm apprehensive about as I'm quite attached to my whitening toothpaste.

So far I'm considering Tooth Fairy from Lush (which comes in a plastic pot but is part of Lush's recycling scheme), or I might attempt to make my own if I'm feeling brave.

If anyone has any recommendations, please drop me a comment or a tweet!

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