Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dawson's Heights

A few weeks ago my friend Pablo and I wandered through Dawson's Heights estate in Dulwich and got chatting to three boys called Orien, Neo and Joe Joe. The boys were super sweet and chatty and wanted to show us around all of their favourite spots, here are some photos that Pablo took from that day.

Standing on the highest floor of the estate you really get a sense of being on top of the world, simultaneously connected to and really far away from the rest of the city, surveying the landscape like a king - in the words of Orien (in the middle): “Sometimes I feel like I should have a crown!”.

The green areas around the estate are also fair game for the kids, who showed us the dens they had built and where to find the biggest ants nests.

Overall, Dawson’s Heights seemed like it would be a great place to grow up - it’s well maintained, friendly and full of opportunities for adventure and places to play.

Photos by Pablo CuĂ©llar

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