Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WCW Kate Nash

This time two, no, three years ago my mum was visiting me in Boulder and suggested we go to see Kate Nash perform. Sure! I said, albeit is a little confused as to why fellow Londoner Kate Nash was playing in a small theatre in downtown Boulder. Safe to say, the gig was epic - I knew all the songs as they had basically formed the backdrop to my life between the age of 13-15, and it was weird seeing all these American girls also knowing all the words and singing along to them with a London accent ("you've gone and got sick on my trainers, I only got these yesterday! omagosh I cannot be bovard with this").

That evening, alll the type of girls in Boulder I hadn't previously met came out of the woodwork - badass, ripped tights wearing, feminist slogan yelling riot grrrls. Safe to say, these were not the all-American sweethearts who I usually met, and it was amazing spending the evening head banging with them along to such classics as Mouthwash and Foundations performed by an all female band.

Seeing Kate Nash that night was sort of like seeing an old friend after a long time, when your old friend has grown up and gotten way cooler than you and is living your dream life as a British girl endlessly roving around the US.

Not only is she cool af, but she's also got an amazing sense of ethics and social justice, using her platform to highlight issues and speak out against certain unpopular politicians. All her music is self released, so she doesn't - in her own words - have to mould herself to fit more neatly into little boxes "so that someone in a suit will want to give me money" (check out the page for her 4th album Kickstarter campaign).

It's a powerful and empowered position for a female pop-star to be in and I'm totally in love.

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