Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lush 'It Started with a Kiss' tinted lip balm review

So I wouldn't have reviewed this product, except for the fact that not for the first time I was sitting on the bus with an excess of highly pigmented lip tint on my index finger and decided to Google other people's reviews. It's not really a secret that I'm a big fan of Lush products, but I'm surprised that this particular product has so many glowing reviews. It's been floating around my bag for a while, ever since I impulse purchased it one time when clearing out my bank account (i.e stocking up on Lush essentials). I'm also a fan of tinted lip balms so I thought that product would be a winner. Alas - the shade is a bit strange, I guess you could say it looks a bit cheap, like something that you would buy when you were 5 from the £ shop. The pigment is very strong, it's more like a lipstick in lip balm form which means you/I end up with loads left over on my finger unless I employ a very careful and acquired dabbing technique. If I'm not wearing dark clothes this becomes problematic. The smell is apples and cinnamon which again feels/smells a bit cheap (which at £8 for a small tin, it is not). To top it all of, it melted in my car and made a complete mess. Not a fan, sorry Lush :(

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