Monday, January 23, 2017

Spirit of Place

I first visited Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead in November of last year. Although it's a small and unassuming place, tucked above a pub near the station, as soon as I entered I was fascinated by it's unique and eccentric character. The theatre itself is a personification of its founder, Léonie Scott-Matthews, an actress, poet and playwright who established Pentameters in 1968 and has run it ever since. In its 49 years the theatre has seen performances and poetry readings from renowned authors such as Dannie Absie, Edna O'Brien and Ted Hughes.

Through this video I wanted to capture a philosophy of Léonie's which she calls spirit of place. As a philosophy, this seems to perfectly encapsulate Hampstead generally - which has a rich literary history - but also the theatre itself, which is now a protected asset of community value.

This video is a homage to Léonie's own eccentricity and creativity.

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