Monday, January 23, 2017

Embracing scruffy

Aka. the joy of not giving a shit

By all accounts, I was quite a typical girl child who loved princesses and pink, but when I was eight I decided that I was going to wear my brother’s clothes all the time. In actuality it only lasted for a day or two, but I remember bouncing down the road feeling like I now had permission to be boisterous and loud, even if it was only from myself.

Grunge, tomboy, sloppy… what ever you call it, wearing comfortable clothes in generic shapes (aka. jeans and t-shirt) and no make-up is not always seen as the most feminine of aesthetics.

As a teen, I spent a lot of time feeling anxious about the way I looked on a day to day basis. High waisted skinny jeans, crop tops and American Apparel leotards all brought along with them worries about VPL (that’s visible panty line), logistically difficult trips to the bathroom and the need to slyly undo the top button of my jeans to make it comfortable to sit down. I imagine most girls are familiar with the feeling of dread when you’re on your period and there is literally no air space between your crotch and the outside of your light wash Topshop Jaime jeans. And don’t even get me started on the chaffing.

My granddad calls it scruffy, I call it being fucking comfortable. For years women have squeezed, slipped and zipped themselves into uncomfortably tight clothing with little thought about it. Sure, feminine clothing has the capacity to make you feel sassy af but sometimes you just want to be able to chill without worrying that your skirt is going to blow up.

Throwing on comfortable jeans and a baggy t-shirt these days feels the same way as it did when I was eight years old. Call me what you will, but it’s liberating to know that I can go about my day and my clothing isn’t going to stop me from riding my bike, eating a big meal, or just sitting down comfortably. Because life is short so why not make the small space you occupy a comfortable one.

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