Tuesday, March 8, 2016

8 reasons why being vegetarian is a feminist lifestyle choice.

1) The assumption that because something is weaker and less intelligent than you that it must is inferior is a patriarchal concept.

2) Female animals are exploited for their reproductive capabilities, and their capacity to breed overwhelmingly dictates how their bodies will be controlled.

3) There is a widely held social script of meat being macho, men who are vegans or vegetarians will often find their masculinity being questioned.

4) Women are often compared to meat in a sexually derogatory way, 'piece of meat'. The way we cut up animals into body parts (thigh, leg, breast) can be compared to the way women's bodies are separated into parts (thigh, leg, breast) in order to treat them as sexualised bodies or body parts and not sentient beings.

5) Similarly, women are often called names of animals to be degraded (cow, bitch etc.)

6) There’s a clear correlation between animal abuse and other violent behaviours, including domestic abuse.

7) Like how feminism has been historically resisted because it's culturally inconvenient, it's culturally inconvenient for us to admit that animals have emotions and can experience pain.

8) Like 'boys will be boys', social scripts that naturalise power relations exist around eating animals and animal products - 'I could never give up meat' 'I like cheese too much'. This script deflects individual responsibility from the fact that animals are tortured, raped and killed to satisfy our whims and desires.

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