Monday, June 8, 2015


Photo: Alice Carfrae

My uncle married his beautiful girlfriend in Devon last week, which meant I had the chance to spend a week in the country. I returned having day dreams of moving to the countryside, living in a small cottage covered in roses, growing my own vegetables and keeping a pig. The pig was negotiable because I debated whether or not I would get too attached it and be able to eventually eat it - and as the pig idea appeals to me because pigs eat all your kitchen scraps and then convert the scraps into more food in the form of meat - simply having it in the garden growing fatter and fatter would be of no use to anyone. Although it would make quite an endearing pet. In my imaginary future life I would pick up lots of hobbies like rock climbing and long distance hiking, read a lot of books and maybe even become a primary school teacher - like a more irritable (and hopefully less irritating) version of Miss Honey.

But we can't all live every life can we?

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