Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lush Marilyn Hair treatment review

I love Lush. I love that they use natural ingredients but I also love that they are committed to fighting animal testing, ethical sourcing and generally just being an all around great company. Marilyn is one of my favourite Lush products which I seem to go back to time and time again

The description of this product says that it 'lightens and brightens' blonde hair. I don't dye my hair so in the summer my hair kind of gets like my skin, dull and lacking a healthy glow, so it's nice to use Marilyn in the winter to cheer it up a bit. In my experience this product won't actually do anything to the colour of your hair on its own, but if you go on holiday you can apply it before you go into the sun to condition and encourage sun-kissed highlights - it does how ever make my hair soft and flippy and smell amazing! Some reviews complain that this product is too watery but I found that the consistency makes it easier to get it to run through and coat my hair, and I only have to use a little bit. I pop a shower cap (plastic bag) on my head, wrapped a towel around to keep the heat in and wait for about an hour and half before washing out with my Lush solid shampoo and conditioner.

As I mentioned before I love this product, I'm always tempted to get products for dry hair when in actual fact my hair isn't that dry, but this conditioner works a charm in winter when I need a moisture boost without weighing me down too much. Even without the sun, ingredients like chamomile and lemon won't do any harm to blonde hair - and should even lighten slightly over extended use. So if your hair is blonde and needs perking up go forth and purchase for £9.25!

This is a repost (with edits) from a post I made in October on MagpieBlondes.


  1. I love lush bath bombs - I need to try more of their range. This sounds so good!
    Alex //