Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Leaving Colorado... Again

Despite the best intentions, I was really bad at blogging this trip - I get too caught up in living and forget about the documentation! Colorado is my second home, and I kind of forgot the fact that I would be coming back to London and then kick myself for not taking more photos and writing more. Of course there are so many great things to do in London too, but I feel like everybody knows that already - and what I really wanted to do was review some of the great places to eat and visit and things to do in Denver and Boulder, as they deserve to be shared! It's definitely something to do with proximity to the mountains, but Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the U.S (it's a fact!), and consequently if you're like me and are interested in eating healthy, locally produced food using natural ingredients, then there are some great spots to eat at, even in the most unlikely of places, but unfortunately you'll just have to take my word for it. While I'm on the subject though, I will give a quick shout out to Skull Creek Gyros in Steamboat Springs, their website is kind of unremarkable, but I had a falafel pitta wrap with some kind of slaw (the 'tuesday special'), it doesn't seem to be on the online menu but was absolutely incredible! 

This photo was taken on the drive between Steamboat Springs and Denver... Most of the times I've done this journey have been in the dark - when all you can really see is the road and the occasional elk or deer, but when it is light, it's one of my favourite drives in Colorado. A lot of the journey is through the mountains so there's no signal on your phone or the radio except when you pass through (what seems like to me) impossibly small and remote towns like Kremmling. This photo was taken as we were leaving after having been at the Texas Music Fest, when the sun was going down, a few days before I left. You can't really tell, but to the north the sky was orange and to the south it was a luminescent pale blue like dawn, it was really beautiful. The sky around Denver is mostly very clear and blue anyway, but when you get on the chairlift skiing it becomes an even more vivid, even harsh, electric blue.

Two nights at the Music Fest in Steamboat was a great way to wrap up my trip with a taste of some Texan/Coloradan Americana spirit, again, kind of tragically, I hardly got any photos - except this pretty hilarious one, taken after a few too many (but soooo good) $10 Bloody Mary cocktails...

I've been to a fair few festivals in my time, but this was the first where I heard a national anthem sung on stage, twice in fact- why is the U.S national anthem just so much better than ours? Oh, I know why - because one is about being brave and free and the other is praising someone that most people have never met and don't give a toss about and asking God to make sure she is 'long to reign over us' (it appears we have been granted our wish there). Sigh.

I was, inevitably, sad to have to leave again. As I said before, Colorado is my second home, I lived there at an important time of my life and it's helped shaped the person I have become - I now know what I didn't know for at least 19 years of my life, that there is more to life that what exists in the city, and about the endless possibilities that nature and the outdoors can provide for fun and fulfilment. It will always have a place in my heart where ever I end up, and for that I'm incredibly lucky!

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