Thursday, January 15, 2015

Eating out in Colorado

As I've mentioned before, I am disappointed at myself for not having done more reviews on places I eat out at in Denver and Boulder and elsewhere around Colorado, this does not however mean that I didn't go to these places at all - so I thought I would compile a list of good places to eat or drink for anyone who might be interested! Not included in this list but definitely worth a mention is Blue Owl Books in Nederland, a quirky little bookshop that also sells coffee and the BEST hot chocolate you will ever taste in your entire life.


LowDown Brewery 

We went here for my leaving dinner this last trip. The beer was really good (which is obviously expected at a brewery) but the food was too (not always expected at a brewery). We had the 'yippie ki yay, mother clucker' (say that out loud) - a leg of chicken with brussels sprouts and bacon baked beans. There wasn't a huge amount of chicken but the sprouts and beans were all mixed together and had what I think was like a citrussy hint to it - it was delicious. We also had the 'buffering', bison ribs with a hash of potato, carrot and onion. In this dish, the meat was definitely the star!

Nectar House Cafe 

I really wanted to eat here because it only serves raw vegan food, but actually didn't get the chance to eat any food here. I did how ever get a (pretty expensive) smoothie called the 'shamrock shake', with cashew nuts, spirulina, bananas, almond milk and dates which was good and pretty filling for a smoothie. It's attached to a yoga studio and had a chill laid back atmosphere, I was just slightly disappointed that it said that they use homemade almond milk but quite obviously saw the packaged almond milk cartons on the counter! (I hate that stuff). If anyone reading this has even eaten here then let me know I'd be interested!


AMAZING place. Great food and dedicated to locally sourced, farm to plate style eating. I had the veggie eggs benedict with a cranberry hollandaise sauce, sounds kind of weird but it worked. The cranberry actually comes from cranberry sriracha that they dribble over the hollandaise. The cafe/restaurant is connected to a corner shop selling local veg and food products and I ended up buying a bottle of this Colorado produced sauce as well as a bottle of honey sriracha. Will had the french toast which was made with huge fluffy slices of brioche with a caramel banana sauce and served with whipped cream. Yum.

Strange Brewery

I'm including this place for the beer, as if I remember rightly, they didn't actually serve any food. The 'strangely epic' beer: a belgium style wheat beer infused with sour Wisconsin cherries blended with a stout that has been brewed with coffee and chocolate. This results in a beer which is, as it's namesake, totally epic, and actually makes my mouth water thinking about it although I only had it once, about five months ago. I tried several of the beers on tap that night and they were all good, but the strangely epic really stuck in my mind!


Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant 

Great food, I only went here once but looking at the menu online is making me hungry... spaghetti squash pad thai, mmm. Their ingredients are sourced from the Three Leaf Farm in Lafayette, meaning that it's low carbon food print and seasonally produced, a fact that, at least to me, makes the food taste even better!

The Corner 

My mum and I went here almost everyday when she visited. Located on the Hill near the university, the Corner bowls make a good and healthy lunch between classes even though they are kind of on the expensive side for a quick student lunch (worth it though). At $5 though, the size small roasted beet and goat cheese salad is also a tasty and surprisingly large/substantial meal.

Aji Latin American Restaurant 

I had an amazing steak here once. Also sourced from the Three Leaf Farm.

Dushambe Teahouse

Beautiful building on 13th street, I've mentioned it before in a previous post - serves hundreds of different kinds of tea but the food is also really good (and also sourced from the Three Leaf Farm - it must be a very busy farm!)

The Buff

My personal favourite place to go for breakfast in Boulder (with Snooze coming in very close second, and Lucilles... actually I can't choose...) Loads of choice on the menu, I always get either a skillet or a benedict and Bloody Marys or Mimosas are $1 so fantastic place to come if you're a bit hungover.


I'm never sure if I think the decor in here is really cool or really tacky, but either way the food is very good - especially the benedicts (I'm realising that I order eggs benedict a lot). I'm not really a pancakes in the morning kind of a girl but when my mum visited Boulder she and I ordered blueberry danish pancakes and it was not your ordinary pancakes and syrup... blueberry pancakes, topped with blueberry coulis and almonds, and there was also like a lemony sauce on top. It was pretty fantastic. They also have pineapple upside down pancakes... one of those things I really want someone else to order just so I can have a bite, cause I'm not going to sacrifice ordering my benedict!


Mmm so so good, situated in the sweetest old Victorian house that's painted a pale yellow, with amazing, creole inspired food, I always recommend to anyone to order anything as long as it comes with one of their buttermilk biscuits (or just order the biscuit as an extra because you don't want to miss out on this), you also have to try their delicious house made jams and house made hot sauce and ketchup that are on every table.

The Village

I'm including this in here mainly because it has a great atmosphere, the food is good but pretty standard eggs/sausages etc. (the hash browns are reallly good though).

There we go! This is no means a definitive 'best places to eat' list, just a few places that I have been to and enjoyed eating at. There's still much more to explore in Boulder and Denver, but for now I'll have to be content with exploring places to eat in London and Brighton (without bankrupting myself...) that fit in with my desire to eat locally sourced, seasonal food. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. This evening my friends and I went to a new sushi restaurant in my area called Yama Momo and it was delicious, sushi is one of those things that I'm never sure if I'll be able to stomach or not until it arrives in front of me, and I'm but no means a sushi expert, but to me this sushi was exceptionally good!


  1. can you believe that Nectar House went out of business? psh, I'm mad :) was one of my favorites....
    Anyway, this is a great list you've put together!

    1. I know! I only found this out recently but I really liked the vibe and the whole raw food concept, such a shame! Thanks :)