Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Snow and Mountains

When I was growing up in London, a few inches of snow would often mean school was cancelled. On these (rare) days we would usually go to the park and go completely mad, throwing snow balls and getting very cold over excitedly rolling around in it.
I felt a bit like this today after seeing snow for the first time in months and months. And not London snow either, proper knee deep, pure, you could drink it when it melts powdery snow. There is just something about how it feels so soft and light as it flutters on your face, and the way it can temporarily completely change the landscape - even turning a small park in South East London into a totally different, magical world.

Today we drove from Denver to Winter Park, I still don't think my ankle is strong enough to ski yet, but we wanted to get into the mountains anyway. I could (and have) happily sit in a car for hours driving through the mountains just taking in the scenery, which is essentially what we did, with some stops on the way. On days like today, when the sun is out and the snow has fallen, the landscape looks so bright and raw that it takes your breath away. As we got higher into the mountains and my ears started to pop, the sun became a glowing ball obscured behind some thin clouds and the roads get snowier. Driving into the mountains in winter, as the elements get more extreme, always makes me feel like I'm going on a big adventure.

The road we drove today took us along some of the trail of the Continental Divide. When the snow melts here, half of it will drain off toward the Atlantic Ocean and the other will make its way to the Pacific. Sometime soon I will hopefully stop on this road and hike with my skis and poles over my shoulder to do some backcountry skiing. Unfortunately today was not that day.


  1. i live in canada where we get snow every year. i couldn't imagine winter without it! it's so lovely!

    1. I actually can't believe I did for so long. After a day snow in London is a slushy grey mess. I really want to go to Canada!!