Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Movement Climbing & Fitness Gym - Denver

So guess what? I'm back in Colorado for a whole month! It's really nice to be back, and of course it feels like I never even left, except small things like getting confused working out which way to look when I cross the road remind me that I've been away for a while. One of the first things I did was go and spend $40 in Sprouts on natural hair conditioner and random things like chia seeds - America just excels when it comes to supermarkets that sell health foodie things - I hope the UK steps up its game soon. Tonight I'm cooking up some trout that has been in the freezer since Will caught it a few months ago - that's what I call a paleo meal!

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to check out the Movement gym in Denver that just opened this week, I hadn't done any rock climbing in ages but when I have done it in the past I've always really enjoyed it - I didn't take the opportunity to do any last year which I'm kicking myself about now! My ankle is still pretty sore so I didn't want to push myself too much but we had fun doing some bouldering as well as having a turn on the wall. Will said I climbed so fast it was as if I was really scared and just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible - but I just really like to do things fast to get my blood pumping... I learnt how to rig myself up to climb but didn't pass the test to get belay certified (in all honesty I hadn't even heard the term belaying before until I got there so my hopes weren't too high). The gym is awesome, it's in a huge warehouse and has great climbing wall and bouldering facilities as well as a gym and fitness classes. Memberships are pretty pricy but I guess a lot of people will join just for the winter to stay in shape when it's too snowy and cold to climb outside!

I had been thinking about trying to do some climbing classes at a climbing wall I found online in Brighton next term, and after this I think I have to! The weather was beautiful the first few days I arrived, so fingers crossed I get to do some real outdoor climbing over christmas - I'd like to try and do the flatirons in Boulder. 

This is the website for the gym - if you're in the Denver area it's worth a visit, especially as first visit is only $10 for the day!