Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stomping around Sussex

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wildnerness" - John Muir

Last week I got the campus at 9am and decided that although I had come into uni early to get a head start on some of my essays for the day, what I really wanted to do was take advantage of the sun we've been having recently and go on a walk onto the Sussex downs.

When I was in first year and living on campus I would quite often wander up onto the Sussex downs and go to Stanmer village to read and get a cup of tea, so as I set off I had it in my mind that this is where I was heading. How ever, it's been a little more than two years since I had actually done this walk and after about 30 minutes I realised that I had gone way too far. I decided not to be deterred, although I couldn't see any cars I could hear the roar of the motorway so carried on stomping across the downs to try and lose the sound.

I hadn't followed any kind of path so did not see anyone else, but this is England after all, and after about an hour (my feet were very wet by this point) I stumbled onto a fairly busy walking path that took me into some woods and part way across a farm before deciding to turn back.

On my way back I finally found Stanmer village, but by this time it was time for me to go back to campus and get started on my work.

It's becoming increasingly more obvious to me how important it is to get out and about and not get myself into routines that are monotonous. Although it's unlikely that anyone will be able to find a really profound sense of distance from everyday life on a short walk in South East England, just doing a small walk like this allowed me to connect a little bit with a part of myself that I thought I'd left in Colorado!

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