Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snooping around Brighton

This weekend I was lucky because five of my friends came to visit me at university in Brighton - not only are they some of my best friends but we worked out that this year is our tenth year of friendship... most of us met on the first day of secondary school when we were 12, and looked like this:

Of course having travelled from London, the first thing they wanted to do was go to the beach so we dumped the bags and walked there. 

It had been another beautiful sunny October day which resulted in a beautiful sunny October sunset!

Once it got dark and cold we went back to mine to get down to the real business of preparing our halloween costumes. We'd all been planning this for weeks but one thing I hadn't factored in was fitting six girls and accompanying halloween props into my small bedroom. Despite this, a few hours, and some prosecco later, we were ready! At the last minute the night before I had decided to go as a 'creepy serial killer schoolgirl'. I think there is already something quite creepy about grown women dressing up as schoolgirls, but is more acceptable as long as the words 'sexy' and 'schoolgirl' are not used together... The vibe I was trying to channel was more Gogo in Kill Bill. Here's a photo of me on my first day of year 7, to demonstrate quite how unsexy school girls are.

My friends stuck to the original plan that we had to go as creepy dolls, and their costumes and make up were amazing!

The rest of the evening was, admittedly, a happy blur!

The next day we decided to wander around the North Laines as not all of us are as familiar with Brighton as me! I had to take them to one of my favourite places on the Laines and a place that most Brightonians will be familiar with, a shop called Snoopers Paradise. Snoopers Paradise is exactly that, and we spent a happy half an hour wandering around checking out all the eclectic knick knacks and taking photos. Three of us also used the old style photobooth that is inside the shop (three is apparently too many as I've been cut out of most of the pictures)

Sophie and I had already both bought new hats...

And so we stopped in a coffee shop to get a much needed americano before calling it a day and heading home.

I had a really lovely weekend and I hope my girls come to visit me again soon!

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