Saturday, November 22, 2014

DIY Beetroot Lip Stain

I've had a lot more time than normal recently as I sprained my ankle last week and haven't been able to start walking normally again yet. In a different context being forced to relax for a while might be a blessing, but for someone like me who likes to keep busy it's borderline stressful!
I'm absolutely gutted as I went to the hospital on Wednesday and they said that the prospect of me being able to ski while I'm in Colorado this Christmas is unlikely, actually - gutted is an understatement of how I feel about this news! I'm hopeful that I'll make a miraculous speedy recovery so keeping fingers and toes (well, just the toes on my good foot) crossed!

Because of all this extra time I decided to bite the bullet and order some things on Amazon that I've been considering buying for a while, tubs of both raw and unrefined shea and cocoa butter and raw bees wax. They haven't arrived yet but I'm excited at all the possibility of making my own bath melts, body lotion bars and lipbalm. I personally love lipbalms with a tint in, so I started researching natural ways to add tint to home made lipbalm, and voila - this beetroot lip stain was born! This works well on its own as a stain but I'm also going to try adding it to the lipbalm mixture to tint it.

DIY Beetroot Lip Stain

You will need:

One small beet or half a big one
Glycerin (I found some in the baking section of Sainsburys for 90p)


- Chop the beet up into slices/chunks or what ever shape you fancy.
- Put the chopped beet and three teaspoons of glycerin into a small pyrex bowl and lower into a pan of boiling water
- Allow to simmer for about 20 minutes - the longer you leave the mixture, the stronger the colour will be.
- Strain mixture through a sieve into a pouring jug and pour into what ever container you are using - I used a really small glass jar that used to have arnica in it, it's not the most aesthetically pleasing but does the job!

Apply using a small lip brush, your finger or a cotton bud. Can also be used on cheeks!

Glycerin is a apparently a natural preservative, but store this in the fridge just incase.

Update: so pleased on how long this lip tint lasts! the colour stays for ages and the glycerin means that it doesn't dry your lips out at all, 5 hours later and still going strong

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