Friday, June 27, 2014

Boulder Farmers Market and Creek Fest!

Memorial day saturday in Boulder saw the extension of the wonderful twice weekly farmers' market into festival that extends from 9th to 14th street, as well as up Pearl Street. I love the farmers' market and try to go as often as I can - all the produce is locally grown in Colorado so you can get what ever is in season at that time, It's also fun to walk up and down the site on 13th street and try all the samples on offer by local vendors, my favourite is the all natural hot sauces and BBQ sauces by Horsetooth, the Aloha Mr. Hand BBQ sauce is sooo good and I'm a sucker for everyday things with all natural ingredients!

On the day of the fest, Taylor and I walked down the creek path to 'eat breakfast' at the farmers' market (aka eat samples), and then wandered around the festival. There were loads of stalls as well as rides, so we decided to try out one of the rides. The ride looked scary even though we were definitely the oldest people riding it.

It spun us around and upside down and was so much fun I was laughing hysterically the whole time! 

I found a hat that complimented my outfit and I wanted to buy soo badly but managed to resist.

We took a break from browsing to go to the Dushanbe tea house. The Dushambe tea house is a really beautiful building, a gift from the city of Dushanbe to Boulder in 1987. It was kind of hard to take a good picture of the outside because there was so many people there so I stole one of the internet - I hope that's not illegal...

They have a billion different types of teas, and the food is great too, but this time we got cocktails - nectarine sangria made with white wine and nectarine tea, yum! 

If a picture says a thousand words then this is one really long post, but I think you can get the overall impression that we had a lovely day. Anyone who is heading to Boulder and going to be there on a saturday 8am-2pm or a wednesday 4pm-8pm should definitely check out the farmers' market! A perfect way to spend a few hours in the mountain sunshine.

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